Fall 2020 Registration now open - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

CUMC Preschool has been growing with Westfield since 1971. Our Preschool Program offers the community a child-centered developmental curriculum consistent with the highest levels of early childhood education. We provide an atmosphere in which children can experience enriched play and guided development; individual and group activities; and a better understanding of the world around them and their role in it. Our philosophy is learning is fun! 2020-2021 ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM AVAILABLE. Please contact the preschool for 4's/5's MTW or MWF availability...


About Our School

Our preschool is located within Christ United Methodist Church in Westfield, Indiana. We offer two or three days per week morning programs for 3 year olds and three days per week for 4 and 5 year olds.
Our class line-up for 2020-2021 can be found under "About" tab above. Classes run from September through the first week of May. All Preschool holidays coincide with the Westfield‐Washington district school calendar.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is a pre‐kindergarten program specializing in ‐ academic readiness, emotional growth, social growth, fitness, creative arts and effective work habits all within a Christian environment. For more details please click on our "About/Curriculum” tab above...

Enrichment Days

We offer a small group enrichment program for our 3's as well as 4’s and 5’s. This allows your child to supplement the preschool experience with extra hands-on study in math, science, reading as well as arts and crafts. This program is designed to complement our core programs to meet the Kindergarten readiness needs of those children who are anxious to “dig a little deeper”. For more information please contact CJ Carson (4's & 5's) at carsonc@cumcpreschool.org.